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Antonia Reed

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Om Antonia

Hello! As you can see, my skills lie in English language services. I am of British-German nationality and have specialized in worked with writers whose first language is not English. So whether you write in English or have had your text translated, I have developed good intuition for gauging what you are trying to say, and how best to help you say it. I have many years’ experience in publishing, including being the English Editor for Book on a Tree and part of the editorial team for The Mechanics’ Institute Review. Previous companies for whom I have written include Disney Worldwide Publishing and HSBC. Most of my editing has been in fiction for adults and children, but I have also worked on academic pieces, short stories and creative non-fiction. I am an emerging author myself, so understand the challenges of having your ‘baby’ scrutinized. However, my clients always praise me for my sensitivity and my ability to articulate what I believe needs to be done, and why. As an editor, I can adopt a macro- or micro-approach depending on your needs. I pay sharp attention to detail, and as a proofreader will always alert you if I notice a potential editorial concern. My other experience includes copywriting, writing and supervising comic-book scripts, screenwriting, and translation from German and Italian into English. I hold degrees in English (with Modern & Medieval Languages) from the University of Cambridge, and in Creative Writing (with a module in Publishing) from Birkbeck, University of London. One writer I worked with, Ailsa Wood, had these kind words to say: “[Antonia] helped me shape, develop and vastly improve the story and structure but was also prepared to spend time discussing any and all aspects of the characters and plot, offering support and advice as well as insightful suggestions and honest criticism. She is well-informed, extremely professional and thorough, with faultless attention to detail and an excellent understanding of the genre we worked on. I enjoyed our discussions and valued her input greatly, and would warmly recommend her as an editor. I would certainly look forward to working with her again if the opportunity arose.”.”


My prices will vary depending on the complexity of the task. I am always happy to take a brief look at your text and discuss your needs with you before we agree pricing. That will give me a sense of how time-consuming the task will be, and give you a chance to reflect on what depth of involvement you need from me. Hypothetical examples based on previous work: In-depth consultation and edit of a Young Adult novel @ 430 per hour. Hypothetical manuscript of 90,000-100,000 words. Work given: 3 rounds of copy editing and separate overview notes helping to take the book from first draft to presentable manuscript, 1-2 Skype calls and many email discussions. Approximate time: 60 hours. Approximate fee: 25,800 total or 8,600 per draft. Proofreading: approx. 1500-1800 words checked per hour @ 360 per hour. All jobs are different, so please see the above as guidance only



Editorial Assessment of Anna

It was a pleasure providing Rob Taylor with feedback on his romantic thriller - now published!

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Redaktør for bøker til ungdomstrinnet. Konsulent for sakprosa.

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Redaktør for fagbøker til profesjoner, universiteter og høgskoler.

Forlagsredaktør, Gyldendal Akademisk

Redaktør for fagbøker til profesjonsutdanning.

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Forvaltning av immaterielle rettigheter.

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Enkeltpersonsforetak. Redaktørtjenester, tekstbearbeiding, manusarbeid.

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